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Our expertise in development

We bring expertise to each step of our development

Expertise regarding the design of premium logtistics platform

The design phase, conducted with the assistance of the future tenant and our architect, determines the performance of the future platform, which must be functional to optimize productivity, financially efficient and scalable to allow the operation of new contracts.

An efficient functionality begins with an installation on the land bank allowing a smooth circulation of light and heavy vehicles without possible crossing, by a wide loading area, with autodocks and wheel guides for easy docking, parking spaces in sufficient number , possibilities for outdoor storage areas, green spaces, etc.

The financial performance of the warehouse come from several factors: an optimized energy consumption, units perfectly sized to match tenants’ storage needs, free storage height…

Expertise regarding ICPE’s legislation
(ICPE – Facilities Listed for the Protection of the Environment)

The Company’s logistics hubs storing 500 tonnes or more of combustible goods require prefectoral authorisation to operate. The decree of 5 August 2002, added with many ministerial decree constitute the reference document.

The authorisation is granted by the Prefect and examined by staff at the DREAL (Direction Régionale de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement regional environment, planning and housing agency) and is intended to protect the environment, people and property. Obtaining the operating order first requires an application file addressed to the Prefect concerned, including in particular a study of the risks following a fire as well as the constructive provisions (cells size, structure stability, smoke extraction, etc. …) and the specific equipment (sprinkler, RIA, fire hydrants, retention basin, etc…) to be implemented to deal with a possible fire.

Only the experience of processing a large number of “I.C.P.E.” cases allows to acquire this expertise.

Expertise regarding engineering analysis for construction

Engineering analysis will focus on all aspects of the build starting from the soil stability and mechanical strength to ensure a good bearing capacity which determines the good circulation and maintenance of forklifts.

The “enclosed and covered” with concrete pier and beam structure, thermal insulation, flagging, roofing are fit to face snow, rainwater, wind, coldness and heat.

The technical batches concerning in particular lighting, heating, sprinkler systems, will be sized to the quantified needs of the warehouse and the components or materials are chosen from among the most efficient and durable on the market.

Expertise in sustainable development

The choice of high-performance luminaires, presence and dimming detectors, reinforced thermal insulation, significant natural lighting, the efficiency of heating equipment, centralized technical management are the main components contributing to low energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

The treatment of waste water, the recovery of rainwater, the installation of renewable energies and landscape integration are the major factors implemented to respect the environment.

Expertise of the means favoring the comfort of the operators

The light color of the walls and the under-roof, the good distribution of daylight, the color and intensity of the artificial light, the quality of the layout of the offices, the acoustic quality, of the rest areas, social premises create an atmosphere conducive to well-being, work quality, productivity and the reduction of accidents.

The significant contribution of natural lighting with glazed frames arranged on the facade improves the density of lighting, increases comfort and breaks any feeling of claustrophobia.

These are the characteristics that differentiate a PREMIUM warehouse from a class A warehouse.

Construction expertise

If the design and the technical studies condition, for a significant part, the quality of the construction, its implementation is decisive. A good realization goes through the choice of a professional company and not the lowest price, by the choice of specialized consulting engineers whom we assign to monitor the proper execution of the work relating to their specialty: the paving, the supporting structure, the installation of sprinklers, etc.

It should be added that compliance with the regulations is entrusted to the control offices.

Despite all these measures, the key words are: surveillance and anticipation because, when a fault is committed, it is often difficult to remedy it later.

The fact of building for ourselves and ensuring the rental management and the property of the heritage constitute an additional motivation to ensure the quality of the constructions.