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Key figures


Appraisals values at end-december 2022:

– €3.94 Bn excluding duties (ie cap rate of 4.45%)
– €4.17 Bn including duties (ie cap rate of 4.20%)

Leases term

– The average remaining term of the leases at end-december 2022: 5.5 years fixed 

Financial Debt & LTV

Gross financial debt at end-December 2022: €1.98bn
of fixed-rate bond
33% Hedged variable rates
8% Floating rate debt

– EPRA Loan to Value at end-December 2022: 45%
– EPRA NAV NRV at end-December 2022: €2.406 Bn, ie 104.8 / share
– EPRA NAV NTA at end-December 2022: 2.131Bn, ie €92.9 /share


Argan’s targets to accomplish before end2023 :
– Rental income of €182m
– Recurring net Income : €124m 

Regulated information

Argan has been listed on Euronext Paris since June 2007, on the  A compartment of Euronext Paris. Argan is included in the CAC All-Shares, IEIF SIIC France and EPRA Europ indices. As of 1 July 2007, the Company opted for the SIIC tax regime
Place of cotation : Euronext Paris
ISIN: FR0010481960
Ticker: ARG
Number of shares at end-April 2023: 23,079,697