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Our clients

A team fully committed to its tenants


Types of tenants

Classification of tenants (end-June 2023)

Shippers are manufacturers or distribution companies that own the goods stored (Carrefour, Castorama, Décathlon, L’Oréal…).

Logistics specialists (FM Logistic, Géodis, GXO logistics …) are operating for shippers who decided to outsource the logistic process.

We distinguish multi-clients logistics specialists, who are dealing with several clients in XXL logistics platfoms and single-client logistics specialists.

  • Shippers (78%)

  • Multi-clients logistics specialists (18%)

  • Single-client logistics specialists (4%)

Classification of our major tenants

Our major tenants (end-June 2023)

Répartition clients juin 2023 EN

The market of logistics real estate has been structured since 2000s, where distributing companies (called shippers) and industrials decided to outsource the logistics function, in favor of logistics specialists. 


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