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Our portfolio

More than 3.5 millions of sq.m of premium logistics hub

Classification per size (At 30 June 2023)

ARGAN owns a portfolio of 3,520,000 sq.m of premium warehouses built on 940 hectares split into a hundred of platforms in France.

Average size: 37,000 sq.m

  • Below 10,000 sq.m

  • 10 to 20,000 sq.m

  • 20 to 30,000 sq.m

  • 30 to 50,000 sq.m

  • Above 50,000 sq.m - XXL

Classification per region (At 30 June 2023)

Carte Répartition surfaces regions juin 2023

They are the most efficient solution allowing to reduce transportation cost, labor cost & real estate cost.