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Aut0nom®, the warehouse which produce and consume its own green energy

A photovoltaic power plant and a battery energy storage, for self-consumption only,
a first in France for warehouses

Since 2018, photovoltaic power plan have been installed by ARGAN in our every new warehouses, for self-consumption, to fulfill tenants’ energy needs

What is new with Aut0nom® is the installation of a Lithium-Ion type battery system, a first in France for a logistics warehouse. Thanks to this equipment, the building is powered by locally produced green-energy and covers tenants’ needs in terms of heating and lighting over a year.

A major contribution to 2050 carbon neutrality target

Aut0nom® is also the end of gas-use. Banned of all our new developments, it has been removed by air/air heat pump with an efficiency  4 times higher than gas boiler and, CO2 emissions divided by 20.

Lighting is provided by smart LEDs with technology that can adapt accordingly brightness and human presence,  allowing us to divide the consumption of energy & COemissions by 8.

The CO2 emission savings resulting from the self-consumption of electricity produced by the photovoltaic power plant and its batteries, fully-offset the low emissions from the heat pumps and LEDs.

Air/air heat pump and photovoltaic power plant

photo7 montage

Battery-based energy storage system

A win-win contract for site operators

Aut0nom® is rented with its energy production and a battery-based energy storage system exclusively for self-consumption. This equipment has slightly increased the rent level due to the higher investment cost. In return, Aut0nom® generates energy savings on consumption fully-offsetting this cost. Savings are expected to grow due to the recent increase in energy prices, escpecially gas.

Moreover, this new warehouse standard, a virtuous production tool, will also benefit the CSR assessments of the site-operators.

Finally, the comfort of employees working in Aut0nom® is also significantly improved.
The warehouse is heated in winter and cooled in summer, which is a comfort element, not found in gas-heated warehouses. Its rise in temperature is very fast, which allows for very reactive modulation.

Monitored and measured results

Promising is good, but measuring and demonstrating is better. Aut0nom® includes equipment for measuring and displaying electricity consumption in real time. The percentage of electricity autonomy is displayed at each hour of the day. The tenants benefit from this information and can adapt their own-consumption accordingly.

A virtuous approach for the environment but also for our tenants

Jean-Claude Le Lan, Founder-Chairman of ARGAN : « With this new brand, Aut0nom®, ARGAN continues its commitment to a virtuous logistics real estate. It is a new step our Climate Plan, launched in early-2020.

For us, the goal was to launch a standardizable product which is carbon neutral for heating and lighting. In addition, the cost of equipment of our Aut0nom® warehouses is more than offset by the decrease in energy cost. This saving on the electricity cost will become more important in the context of high energy prices. Aut0nom® is a win-win contract, intended to become our new warehouse standard. »