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Our ESG Commitments

A historic approach

ARGAN has long been committed to a demanding approach, which aims at rolling out best practices regarding the Environment, Social / Societal topics and Governance.
Our long term and real estate vision, our PREMIUM positioning, and our ability to make quick decisions make our ESG-related actions relevant, because they are focused on all our stakeholders, with quick tangible results.

Our ESG approach reflects who we are: ambitious and pragmatic, based on concrete actions to limit our impact and help our clients meet their own targets. In sum: ESG for Efficiency, Strongly frugal energy choices and Gains that are win / win!

More specifically, ARGAN’s ESG strategy leads to significant achievements and targets that are clear and demanding, set for 2025 and 2030. Some of the highlights of our approach are presented hereafter.


We have defined a roadmap to reduce our carbon emissions to be in line with a 1.5°C SBTi trajectory by 2030. Compared with our 2022 carbon footprint, we thus target:
  • A -70%  reduction in our Scope 1 emissions
  • A Net Zero target on our Scope 2
  • 50% less emissions coming from our warehouse processes on our Scope 3
We significantly improve our existing portfolio regarding energy use, by:
  • Installing LED lighting systems
  • Rolling our electric heat pumps (as part of a dedicated plan) – by replacing gas boilers – BMS systems, that help measure energy consumption and manage it, as well as photovoltaic panels for green energy production
  • Deploying systematically our Aut0nom®-labelled warehouses, which generate, store and use their own green energy, for current and future developments
We consider that protecting and enriching biodiversity as well managing water efficiently is of the highest importance, this is why our actions include plantation of new forest surfaces and the turnaround of former industrial brownfields.


We are all, as ARGAN employees, taking part to our company’s success through shared created value (competitive salary, profit sharing, sales bonuses and ambitious free share plans for all).

We are strongly focused on strict gender equality for a given position and on maintaining one of the narrowest equity ratios amongst listed groups (under a level of 10).

We work towards an environment that is adequate to talent development, one example being the future ARGAN Academy program (A training and coaching program for employees).


We have already adopted the best practices, including the separation of the roles of President of the Supervisory Board and President of the Executive Board, in addition, the chairmanships of the Audit Committee and the Appointments & Remuneration Committee are held by independent members.

We have launched a responsible purchasing approach to better involve all our stakeholders by integrating ESG criteria.

We further strengthen our partnership with local authorities to optimise co-benefits when we install new sites.

Our 2022 carbon footprint

The tables below are a summary of ARGAN’s 2022 carbon footprint.

Key figures for 2022

The tables below present our key extra-financial indicators for 2022.

The monitoring of these indicators will be strengthened from 2023 to include the company’s various objectives and commitments.