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Development process

The cycle starts with a company’s meeting wishing to rent a platform. The meeting could be initiated by ARGAN or by the company itself.

The land having been purchased or reserved, with an option, working meetings are held with the future tenant in order to present him several preliminary projects, where the outcome will be to obtain a building permit project.

The platform is now defined by the building permit plans and a performance’s description. It is now suitable to sign a commercial lease in the future state of completion. At this stage, only commercial expenses have been incurred.

Being now assured that the platform will have a tenant, the studies begin with the administrative procedures.

The Building Permit application files and Prefectural Operating Authorization application files, including in particular a hazard study with fire simulation, will be submitted to the relevant State service administrations, with the assistance of our Architect and our specialized Design Offices. (Indeed, warehouses of more than 50,000 m3 are subject to a Prefectural Authorization to Operate under ICPEs (installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment) of which the decree of August 17, 2016, supplemented by several endorsements, refers).

At the same time, negotiations are underway with our usual banks for financing the investment, which we contract per asset, in the form of mortgage credit or CBI (Real Estate Credit-Lease) depreciable over 15 years.

Our notary is asked to prepare the promise and the land acquisition contract if the land was under option.

While ensuring the follow-up and possible adjustments of the PC and ICPE application files, the technical execution studies, concerning the infrastructures, the superstructure and the technical lots as well as the safety equipment, are engaged.

These studies determine the quality of the work and the smooth running of the construction itself.

At the same time, the performance description is drawn up and the companies or general contractors are consulted, in the form of a call for tenders. The works contract for the construction of the platform is prepared in the form of a CPI (Property Development Contract), or in separate lots under the supervision of a project manager.

The Building Permit, purged of all recourse and the ICPE Authorization Order obtained, the contracts could be committed: bank loan, purchase of the land, works contract.

Construction can begin.

It will take about 8 months. Approximately 16 months will have passed between the first contact with the future tenant and the delivery of the platform to him.